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I'm on steam by the way

2013-01-12 23:31:02 by CrazyGuineaPig

Well yeah the title pretty much says it all... Come visit me on steam! My steam profile

I'm on steam by the way

By the waaaay! LMFAO Are purty gooooouuud!

P.S. I AM dude117. (I'm batman reference)

Oooh yeah! pacmans gonna eat your... SOUL!


2012-10-14 02:18:12 by CrazyGuineaPig

Audition time! Really hope i get the spot...

Shut up Spongebob!

2012-10-13 20:52:09 by CrazyGuineaPig

Made a video on the tube of you with a strong musty stench of voice acting!


2012-10-13 13:54:21 by CrazyGuineaPig

This put's all my words about trolls into one song! Go away! You pathetic Gremlins of the internet! find something else to do! like quit the internet! How the hell do you get addicted to the internet anyway? Piss off get a LIFE and or go crawl back into to the cold damp place you Degenerates came from! I've had enough of all you! Making fun of The of the newly deceased?!?

HOW DO YOU GUYS EVEN LIVE KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE AND HOW YOU AFFECT OTHER PEOPLES FEELINGS? I will not rest till justice is eventually served. In the year 2030 I'll be a nice friendly person and you'll be the guy who can't leave a dark room for more than a year!!!


While i go do something simple and at least productive in a way, submit harmless videos to YouTube for 100's of people to WATCH!

Webcam software froze up like a BITCH...

2012-10-13 12:58:13 by CrazyGuineaPig

I was trying to get the mic on my webcam to record me doing an example of my voice acting, BUT then this happened...

Webcam software froze up like a BITCH...

My first speed draw ever!

2012-10-11 05:18:18 by CrazyGuineaPig

Who needs a tablet! I did this entirely using the mouse and MS paint. W00t


2012-07-18 07:22:23 by CrazyGuineaPig

I think i might finally get some media studies lessons at my school soon, so i can finally learn how to use flash. Hopefully... :(

More Stop Motion!

2011-02-03 02:41:48 by CrazyGuineaPig

This time it's about a guy with a serious slug phobia! hope you guys enjoy it! and maybe if you want too,

subscribe so you can see when my next animation is here!

So what the hell you waiting for?!?

press play already!!!